2mm Colored Carmine Red Lead
SKU #:E2376-6
SRP: $15.80 pk
Date available: 3/30/2020
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High quality colored leads that are strong and won’t snap under normal drafting pressure. Dense pigment structure provides vivid colors for coding and print-making. Packaged 12/tray.
SKU Description SRP
E2376-6 2mm Colored Carmine Red Lead $15.80
E2376-9 2mm Colored Non-Photo Blue Lead $15.80
E2375-2B 2mm Lead 2B $15.80
E2375-2H 2mm Lead 2H $15.80
E2375-3B 2mm Lead 3B $15.80
E2375-3H 2mm Lead 3H $15.80
E2375-4B 2mm Lead 4B $15.80
E2375-4H 2mm Lead 4H $15.80
E2375-5B 2mm Lead 5B $15.80
E2375-5H 2mm Lead 5H $15.80
E2375-6B 2mm Lead 6B $15.80
E2375-6H 2mm Lead 6H $15.80
E2375-9H 2mm Lead 9H $15.80
E2375-B 2mm Lead B $15.80
E2375-F 2mm Lead F $15.80
E2375-H 2mm Lead H $15.80
E2375-HB 2mm Lead HB $15.80