Pentel®-Super Hi-Polymer®
Lead .5mm HB
SKU #:C505-HB
SRP: $1.20 tu
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For paper surfaces, formulated with polymer resin bonded to carbon and graphite particles that never need sharpening. These leads break less, last longer, write smoother, and produce dense black lines read more...
SKU Description SRP
C505-HB Lead .5mm HB $1.20
C502-B Lead .2mm B $2.15
300-3-2H Lead .3mm 2H $1.99
300-3-3H Lead .3mm 3H $1.99
300-3-4H Lead .3mm 4H $1.99
300-3-B Lead .3mm B $1.99
300-3-H Lead .3mm H $1.99
300-3-HB Lead .3mm HB $1.99
50-7-2B Lead .7mm 2B $1.20
50-7-2H Lead .7mm 2H $1.20
50-7-3H Lead .7mm 3H $1.20
50-7-4H Lead .7mm 4H $1.20
50-7-B Lead .7mm B $1.20
50-7-F Lead .7mm F $1.20
50-7-H Lead .7mm H $1.20
50-7-HB Lead .7mm HB $1.20
50-9-2B Lead .9mm 2B $1.20
50-9-2H Lead .9mm 2H $1.20
50-9-B Lead .9mm B $1.20
50-9-H Lead .9mm H $1.20
50-9-HB Lead .9mm HB $1.20
C25-HB Lead .5mm HB $2.35
C27-HB Lead .7mm HB $2.35
C29-HB Lead .9mm HB $2.35
C505-2B Lead .5mm 2B $1.20
C505-2H Lead .5mm 2H $1.20
C505-3B Lead .5mm 3B $1.20
C505-3H Lead .5mm 3H $1.20
C505-4B Lead .5mm 4B $1.20
C505-4H Lead .5mm 4H $1.20
C505-5H Lead .5mm 5H $1.20
C505-6H Lead .5mm 6H $1.20
C505-B Lead .5mm B $1.20
C505-F Lead .5mm F $1.20
C505-H Lead .5mm H $1.20